Boxed Donuts

Choose from our assortment of doughnuts or have us customize doughnuts and icings to match any theme you choose.

Boxed Donuts

Sometimes it pays to keep it simple by allowing staff to help themselves to donuts In that case our boxed donuts are the best option for you!

Each box of doughnuts includes a variety of 2 dozen doughnuts arranged in the most appetizing and appealing way, making this option a carefree yet delicious choice.

We can put together a colour coordinated display of freshly made donuts. Hosts can choose from a variety of different flavours.

With doughnuts made on the day, you can choose from a variety of existing donuts 2Go flavours, or have us match your company colours. You can choose to have edible toppers with your message or logo on as well.

Minimum order of 50 + donuts

Delivery is Free if you make a weekly or monthly standing order for your business.
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