Our Donut Menu

Buy’em buy the bag, buy’em by the bucket!

1 Bucket of 40 Donuts

Our buckets of Hot mini donuts sell so well at the Riccarton Sunday Market.  There is nothing quite like the aroma and the taste of a freshly made donuts. Sprinkled evenly with cinnamon sugar and with the option of a chocolate of caramel dipping sauce. Great way to bring some joy to your bubble at home or work.

1 Bag (16 Hot Mini Donuts)

Our donuts are made from Lil' Orbits original donut recipe, so you get a quality, classic donut taste each time you bite into one of our piping hot, golden brown mini-donuts.

1 Bag (10 Hot Mini Donuts)

Donuts are great for mornings or a brunch within your family or work bubble. Grab a bag for a less stressful and more delicious morning!
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