Donuts You Will Love To Share

Doughnuts so pillowy soft, that your tongue will feel like it has landed upon the sugary clouds of heaven.

Donut Menu

Discover our creamy donut fillings, glazes, jams, custards and toppings! From glazed, old-fashioned, cake and raised doughnuts to fritters, cinnamon rolls, twists and bear claws.

Strawberry Fair

Strawberry Iced Donut with Rainbow Sprinkles.

Choc Oreo

White chocolate iced Donuts topped with crushed Oreo’s.

Chocolate Crunch

Chocolate iced Donut Topped with Honey Comb & choc biscuit crumble.

Coffee Crisp

Coffee Icing with Coffee Flavoured Biscuit Pieces.

Fun Fetti

Chocolate Iced Donut with Rainbow Confetti Sprinkles

Mint 2B

Peppermint Iced Donut With Choc Sprinkles and Peppermint Choc Aero Pieces.

Cinnamon Sugar

Yeast Raised Donut dusted with Cinnamon Sugar

Sprinkle Delight

White Iced Donut with Sprinkles.

Vanilla Glaze

Yeast raised doughnut dipped in our classic vanilla glaze.

Raspberry Puff

Donut with a vanilla glaze, Raspberry dusting power and centered with a Raspberry cream.

Lemon & Pineapple

Donut with a vanilla glaze, dusting sugar, centered with a Lemon cream and Topped with Dried Pinapple Peices.

Apple Nut Crumple

Yeast Donut Dipped in a glaze and topped with a crumble & Centered with Custard and Toffee apple.

Apple Fritter

Chunks of fresh apples and cinnamon rolled into our yeast dough, fried to crispy perfection and dipped in vanilla glaze

Cinnamon Twist

Yeast raise twisted doughnut dipped in our classic cinnamon sugar.

Cinamon Roll

Cinnamon roll doughnut topped with a swirl of cream cheese icing


Pick & Choose

Any 3 Ring Dinuts


Pick & Choose

Any 6 Donuts 


Vanilla Glaze

10 Glazed Donuts


Cinamon Sugar

10 Cinnamon Sugar Donuts


Hot Mini Donuts

If you have ever been served hot-fresh mini donuts, you’ll never forget the aroma or the taste.Or visit our donut Stand at The Riccarton Sunday Market every Sunday Wet or Fine.

Bag of 10 Hot Mini Donuts


Bag of 16 Hot Mini Donuts


40 Hot Mini Donuts in a Bucket