Donuts 2Go

Donuts 2Go  “Initially started over 10 years ago selling Hot Mini Donuts at the Riccarton Sunday Market. Scraped together enough money to buy ourselves a Lil Orbits Donut Machine, a kenwood mixer and a very expensive shaped yellow gazebo directly imported from America.

About Us

Leased a Portacom unit in Waterloo road where we could store stock and equipment and clean all our donut dishes etc. 

After many time battling the winter elements I decided 2 years ago to finally convert an old shipping grain container into a Donut Stand for our Riccarton Market site.

For the  leased portacom I brought some serious donut making equipment and started experimenting with making Yeast raised donuts. Wow what a challenge!  (that’s a whole different story  by itself).

Any way each sunday we would sell the yeast raised donuts along with the Hot Mini Donuts.

Things where swimmingly going well until the big worldwide event. Yes Covid!

As a result the Riccarton Market was closed for 3 months due to the first Covid lockdown. This put a strange idea in my head to open up a donut shop. What started off as a setback turned into an opportunity.

So I got busy converting the portacom unit into a commercial kitchen and shop. 

Well as we all know another lockdown did happen and the Riccarton Market was closed down this time for 5 weeks. The Good new is our regular customers could still get there donuts from the our new donut shop in Waterloo Road.

I learnt that sometime life throws you lemons and if you can turn those lemons in lemonade then it works out better for all.

It’s been a long and challenging process to develop exceptional doughnuts, but we’ve taken care of the hard work so you don’t have to. Grab a box, sit back, and enjoy!

Our Mission

Outside of our (Hobart) giant mixer, our donuts are kneaded, stretched, rolled and cut by hand. Choose from a wide variety of flavors.