Donuts 2Go

Fresh Made Donuts

Only thing better than the aroma- is the taste

189 Waterloo Road, Hornby Christchurch 8042

Add a ray of sunshine to your day
with some 
Fresh Hot Mini Donuts!

Available Thursdays to Saturdays 
8.30am - 2pm
Lil Orbit Mini Donuts
"Bucket of  40 Hot Mini Donuts $11"
"Bag of 16 Hot Mini Donuts $5"
"Bag of 10 Hot Mini Donuts $4"


Donuts 2Go
 189 Waterloo Road

Open: Thursdays to Saturdays 8.30am - 2pm

Lil Orbits

Automatic Donut Machine
Our mini donuts are made on the spot using our lil orbit donut machine. 

Children and adults marvel as fresh made batter rings  are deposited by a hopper into a flowing stream of hot vegetable shortening.

Fresh Hot Mini Donuts are cooked and served within 2-3 minutes.
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